Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW’s)?

“SHOKKER” is a trademark of "CERAGEM TEKNOLOJI A.S." who is the exclusive distributor for "CEW SECURITY Ltd" products in Turkey.  Ürün hakkında Türkçe bilgi için buraya tıklayınız.

Founded in 2003, “CERAGEM Teknoloji ve sanayi ürünleri Pazarlama Anonim Şirket” is a Turkish developer and manufacturer, of security, textile, medical and construction products and also distributor of Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW’s).

Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW) also called Electroshock weapons uses a technology overriding the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms by inflicting a temporary high-voltage (generally above 50000 Volt) LOW-CURRENT (under 2,5 mA) electrical discharge into a target.

The recipient is immobilized via two metal probes/darts connected via wires to the CEW.

The recipient feels pain, and can be momentarily paralyzed through Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) while an electric current is being applied to him/her.

Because most devices use a NON-LETHAL CURRENT, death usually does/should not occur. The resulting "shock" is caused by muscles twitching uncontrollably, appearing as muscle spasms and commonly called Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI).

Studies, opinions & questions: In the past decade many studies and reports demonstrate that while hundreds of thousands of lives (mostly innocent citizens and law enforcement) have been saved thanks to the use of CEW's only a few hundred people’s death (mostly offenders) have been associated to the use of a CEW!

Unfortunately, generally press only report about cases involving death and completely avoid to report about the positive sides of CEW's and all the lives being saved thanks to a proper use of this weapon.

Now, only based on these irrefutable facts, everyone can make his own objective opinion on the use of CEW’s!

Conclusion: If law enforcement and citizens make a proper use of their CEW then hundreds of thousands more lives will be saved in the future! 

We, at "Shokker", provide specific education to all CEW users so that they make proper use of their CEW and use it only as a pure self-defense weapon or as the ultimate step before the use of deadly force.

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